Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Body treatments are a way to take care of your body without surgery.

They are generally used to improve the silhouette or to treat the problems of cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity, in addition it will be able to reduce sizes.

These treatments will make her look more beautiful and free of all stress.

We have the most modern equipment

  • Cavitation
  • Body radiofrequency
  • Lipolaser
  • Wraps
  • Firming skin therapies.
  • Velashape
  • Collagen bed
  • Infrared Thermal Blanket

We can improve the silhouette or treat the problems of cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity. Our treatments are the best way to eliminate stress from the body.

8 session package Includes:

Wood Therapy-Cavitation-Radiofrequency-Velashape-Thermal Blanket.

Deep tissue 60 minute

Deep tissue 90 minute

Therapeutic Massage 60 minute

Therapeutic Massage 90 minute

Relaxation massage 60 minute

Relaxation massage 90 minute

Hot stone massage 60 minute

Hot stone massage 90 minute

Collagen Chamber Pack of 30 sessions

Body Sculping Package

Mesotherapy Per Session

Collagen Chamber Individual sessions

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